Clariant will increase prices for Pigments & Pigment Preparations for Quinacridones

• Global price increase effective October 6th, 2021

Powder Pigments
• Prices will rise by 11,00 USD/Kg for all PR122 and PV19 grades with country of origin China
• Prices will rise by 9,00 USD/Kg for PR122 – all other grades
• Prices will rise by 13,25 USD/Kg for PV19 – all other grades

• Prices will increase based on the specific pigment content

Muttenz, October 5, 2021 – Clariant, a focused and innovative specialty chemical company, today
announced global price increases across its Quinacridone product portfolio.
The increases will become effective October 6, 2021. The price increases are necessary to recover
significant on-going cost increases for one of the key raw materials to manufacture Quinacridones
(PR122 and PV19).
The unprecedented price surge of yellow phosphorous and consequently polyphosphoric acid in
recent weeks caused by energy quotas in China, forces us to announce price increases for our
Quinacridone pigments with immediate effect.
Prices for the pigment portfolio will increase by:

Powder Pigments
All Quinacridones with country of origin China +11,00 USD/Kg
PR122 + 9,00 USD/Kg
PV19 +13,25 USD/Kg

PR122 based on specific pigment content, by up to 4,06 USD/Kg
PV19 based on specific pigment content, by up to 4,24 USD/Kg
Customers will be informed individually as to how it applies to their products.